Thursday, March 11, 2010

Asian Cuisine Resource or a.k.a the blog post with a million links.

So, a few weeks ago I got this email inviting me to enter a contest to win over $1200 worth of copper pots and pans. I didn't have to think twice about it. Hello, COPPER pots and pans. I have been lusting for copper pots for as long as I can remember. Incidentally, they would look so good in our newish kitchen. Copper accessories really go fab with our cabinets and the granite that we have. But I digress.

Like everything else in life, there is a catch. To enter the contest I have to post a blog entry promoting a new resource devoted to Asian cuisine - the Asian cuisine section on Food Service Warehouse (FSW). Lucky for me, a lot of you like Asian food and even luckier I love to cook Asian food. 

So I headed over to the FSW site, (you can too by clicking on any of the many links on this post) . 

The site is like the mother load of everything Asian. Seriously, they sell almost every type of wok you can imagine - check out this link for woks. There is also everything from Asian cookware, tableware, equipment, utensils and even decor. 

What I found really great was Asian cooking education articles in the Education Center. I especially enjoyed learning about all about sushi - including making a sushi roll and the etiquette of eating sushi.  I learned that is is polite to have your chopsticks parallel on your plate and not crossed. I always did that instinctively, but now I will do it out of proper manners.

I hope you check out the FSW site, and let me know what you think! The welcome feedback - good and bad.

I'm off to try and make some California rolls. Photos to come.
Kanpai and arigato!

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