Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kid friendly Chow Mein

So, I am trying new recipes from a kid friendly cookbook called First Meals. I was skeptical at first. I mean, "kid friendly" food doesn't sound very appetizing. But I was desperate. The kids are going through a phase where they won't eat anything I make, and there is nothing more frustrating!

I tried a Honey Chicken recipe from the book last week, so easy peasy and both boys loved it. I love Chow Mein so I thought I'd give it a go. When I saw how many vegetables went into the dish I was a little worried that no one would eat it. I was wrong, all three boys (Joe, Dylan & Matthew) loved it so much we didn't have any leftovers. 

I have made many a stir-fry and think what made this dish a winner was the simplicity. The marinade was 3 ingredients: sake, soy and brown sugar. Also, I used veggies that I knew the boys would like. I ended up adding a little Sambal to mine for a little kick.

I have had this cookbook for almost 5 years and can't believe I haven't utilized it more! I am trying the Spaghetti Bolognese tonight.

p.s. another great book is Super Baby Food. Great recipe ideas in there and very healthy.

"Kid friendly" food you say... scary!

Only a few fresh ingredients.  
1. Marinate the chicken in the soy, sake and brown sugar
2. Cook your egg noodles (I used No Yolks)
3. Chop up the veggies

4. Stir fry the chicken (reserving the marinade) and then remove from the wok
5. Fry up the veggies
6. Add the cooked chicken back in the pan, add the noodles, some bean sprouts, corn (optional) and the reserved marinade, cook until all heated thru and marinade is evenly combined

Presto! You have delicious meal!

Matthew's verdict...

He likes it!!

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